We have seven storage facilities in NY,MD,PA. We only deal with Professional Pyrotechnics, nothing else.

Fireworks Extravaganza

We work 365 days a year to make the day of your event the most spectacular it can be.

​Our passion is professional pyrotechnics. Public Town Displays, Sporting Events, Weddings, Engagements, Private Events and Proximate Displays. Our goal is to safely merge technology & beauty with pyrotechnics. The people that work here are dedicated to your safety, satisfaction and being the best in the industry. We work every day towards this goal.

Professional Pyrotechnic Products and Nothing Else. 

We want to be the best that we can be. In order to do that we cannot do everything. We cannot sell equipment, manufacture, design firing systems & software, sell retail consumer, and do it all well. In fact we feel that no on can do everything and do it all great. So we do one thing, and we do it the best. We only deal with 1.3g and proximate professional products. You can purchase the same products we use in our award winning displays. 

We work with 7 factories in China, and our relationships go back over 10 years. We design products that we know will work and will be spectacular.   Testing and designing products is what we love. Our relationship with our suppliers helps us make sure the quality (and saftey) is the best in the business. 



Storage Facilities 

We have storage facilities in NY, MD and PA. We have the capacity to store over 500,000 lbs of products and are located within hour of NYC and Baltimore. We offer free delivery to Crackerjacks, PGI, MAPAG, and Pyrotechnic Artist functions.   


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