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We work 365 days a year to make the day of your event the most spectacular it can be.

​Our passion is professional pyrotechnics. Public Town Displays, Sporting Events, Weddings, Engagements, Private Events and Proximate Displays. Our goal is to safely merge technology & beauty with pyrotechnics. The people that work here are dedicated to your safety, satisfaction and being the best in the industry. We work every day towards this goal.

Security Plan Test

Complete the test below and submit the form.

Name *
The new security plan at Fireworks Extravaganza only applies to persons working in the office and at the plant. *
The Lead pyrotechnician is responsible to call the office Circle the one answer, which is not true: *
While en route to a display, you notice a car broken down at the side of the road. Which of the following actions would you take? *
The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) will be notified if a pyrotechnician is ________ overdue to arrive at the display site. *
It is the responsibility of the CDL driver to: *
You have filed a route plan for your display, notified the office of your departure time and anticipated travel time. While driving, you remember a short cut to the display site. The most appropriate action for you to take is: *
You are transporting 1.3G material to a display. The truck you are driving breaks down. The most appropriate action is: *
The new security procedures are being implemented to________________________ . Choose the statement which is NOT true. *
Factors to consider in making a route plan for a transporting 1.1, 1.3 or 1.4 explosives include: *
The National Security Threat Level is designed to: *

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