We love Weddings. You will love what we can do for yours.

Fireworks Extravaganza

We work 365 days a year to make the day of your event the most spectacular it can be.

​Our passion is professional pyrotechnics. Public Town Displays, Sporting Events, Weddings, Engagements, Private Events and Proximate Displays. Our goal is to safely merge technology & beauty with pyrotechnics. The people that work here are dedicated to your safety, satisfaction and being the best in the industry. We work every day towards this goal.

We Love Weddings.  

As long as you do not get married on the 4th of July (Like I actually did), FE can do great things for your wedding. We can spend the time to develop something for you that is simple and inexpensive or elaborate and choreographed. 

ome of the ideas we have that you can explore:

  • All permits and insurance are handled by Fireworks Extravaganza. 
  • We can shoot indoor effects on tables, or above the dance floor.
  • We can do outdoor set pieces, that make pictures in fire ike your new married name, hearts, pictures. We even have a double heart cupids arrow that starts as a star and then spins like wheel (see below) 
  • We can match the colors of your wedding dresses in a volley of shells above the site.
  • Outdoors we can shoot any size display, but it is dictated by the amount of room that you have. However, even if you have less space, we can so something amazing. We just need 75' of space.
  • We have an array of high end gold, white, strobing, glittering and classic effects. We can make them quiet and elegant, it does not have to be loud and earth shattering (unless of course that is what you want)
  • We can use pattern shells that are Hearts, Faces (Ladies, Men's and Children), Cubes, Stars, Circles, If there enough lead time we can even make your initials in the sky in a shell.
  • astly as long as it is not on the 4th of july, we can spend the time and choreograph your show to music. The display will be timed to 1/1000 of  second to the music. Imagine dancing your first dance under truly magnificent stars and effects all while choreographed. 




                                                                                      Wedding at Oheka Castle in Huntington NY. 

                                                                                    Wedding at Oheka Castle in Huntington NY. 

                                                        Wedding at The Chandelier in Flanders Valley in Flanders, NJ -                                                            CLICK PHOTO  to watch video of a Proximate display. 

                                                      Wedding at The Chandelier in Flanders Valley in Flanders, NJ -

                                                       CLICK PHOTO  to watch video of a Proximate display. 

Wedding Cake Image.jpg

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